5 Tips to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Instagram reels? What is that?
Kena join the trend ke?
Eeeee susah la nak belajar new things 😭😭

Tak nak lah.. it's not important pun.

WAITTT... do you know that Instagram reels is the best thing in 2021 ??!!

Are you sure you tak nak:

1. Reach 10x more people?
2. Go viral?
3. Increase your instagram engagement?
4. Increase your followers?

5. Get make more potential customers?

Kalau still taknak, you can exit.

Kalau nak, continue reading..

How Do Instagram Reels Work?

Instagram Reels is a short form video content, similar to Tiktok. I'm also active on TikTok🙈🙊

Exploring Instagram Reels 
Mana nak cari reels on my instagram?

To find Reels, click on the Reels icon tab in the app. Here you can explore Reels.  It's pretty much like FYP in TikTok.

You can go to the Explore page and look for Reels. 

You can also go directly to a profile page and look for the Reels icon. 

How to Create Instagram Reels 

Ready to start creating? It’s time to turn the camera on and get going. 

In the Instagram app, choose the little plus sign icon in the upper right corner to add a video. A screen will open with a variety of creator options, including Reels. 

How to Add Music to Reels 

When you start creating your reel video, you’ll see the music icon.  It's pretty much like adding music to your instagram story.

1. Share your Creative Process

People love to watch the process of making something.  That's why kalau content masak masak views and engagement sure tinggi.  Show the process of packing your customers order or even making your products.

2. Behind The Scene Footage

Business life is more than pretty & well planned aesthetic photos. The process can be painful, and frustrating. People love to see behind the scene, even "before & after".

3. Introduce Your Team with Reels

Why not! Get personal with your audience.  They would love it.

4. Show Off Your Products

Show your product features, the correct way to use it, and the options that you offer.

5. Announce Giveaway on Reels

Instagram Reels can help you get the word out and build excitement.  Try it out!

Check out our editable templates for your reel cover.


Instagram reels can increase your account's engagement, and help you build your following.